The Eyes That Gracefully Danced With The Sun

Only to them will I melt.

Photo by Bacila Vlad on Unsplash

He gave an intoxicating look
one which shattered my walls like glass.
Brick by brick came crumbling down,
tearing my faith altogether.

I remember vividly,
how his eyes flickered to the things he loves.
How his is pupils flared
as his lips quivered with excitement.

His deep sanguine brown speaks
louder than his words could ever do.
As it glistened, you’ll find an abundant joy
no other soul could’ve thought to exist.

Yet as you look closer,
you’ll find his pain scattered everywhere.
Glimpses of what he’s trying to hide;
blows and torments he didn’t deserve.

I long for how those orbs
consumed me without caring.
How they collided with the golden rays,
gracefully danced together with the sun.

The only eyes worth opening my own to
each morning of every day.
The reason for myself withering
when I couldn’t kiss them goodnight.




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Lita Tiara

Lita Tiara

Since you’re here, please, have a playlist:

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